Puppy Play Should be Playful not Painful

It goes without saying that when you get your cute new puppy, engaging in puppy play should be playful, not painful. But that’s not always the case. Many new puppy owners and their children are sorely disappointed when their new puppy begins to literally bite the hand that feeds it. Recently a new puppy owner […]

Why Are Some Puppies Aggressive?

I get a few inquiries now and again about aggression in puppies.  The owners who wind up with an aggressive pup can’t help but wonder why me? While there can be many reasons behind this aggression, hopefully  the following offers up at least one reasonable explanation – the sometimes bad effects of taking pups from […]

Stop My Puppy From Biting

This is Marion and Thomas. We have Maya, a Goldendoodle puppy (5 months). Even though the cutest dog in the world Maya’s behavior clearly needed some adjustments. We called Jim Burwell and asked for help. Jim came to our home and gave us simple, specific and extremely logical advice on how to train our puppy. […]

Labradoodle Puppy Training

Hello, our names are Kyle and Jessica Abarca and we have a new labradoodle who’s name is Occy. He is approximately 14 weeks old  now and we hired Jim to help us train the dog with potty training, sits and downs and walking and we have been very pleased with the service we received. Jim […]