Dog Training in Houston by Jim Burwell

Together we can train a happy, obedient dog!

Have you always wanted a well-behaved dog? Jim Burwell, a dog trainer in Houston for more than 30 years, can show you the tips, tricks, and tried-and-true methods that will get you real results. In no time, you’ll have a happy, obedient dog and behavioral problems will be a thing of the past. Jim Burwell was selected as the Best Dog Trainer in Houston, and with his methods you’ll be able to:

  • Train in your home on your schedule
  • Start off right with your new puppy
  • Solve your worst dog behavior problems

If you’re looking for dog training in Houston, look no further than Jim Burwell!  We’re ready to help!

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“Our experience with Jim has been nothing short of life changing and
best of all we get to keep our dogs.”
– Simone Adams



Jim Burwell

Way Too Much Crate Time

  Here’s your wake-up call! Quit creating dog behavior problems with too much crate time.       You may not even realize what you’re doing! Jane didn’t. Jane called complaining about several different problems. They all had one common link. Way too...

Barking Dogs Create Vacation Problems

Barking Dogs Behave on Vacation Glenda had a bad dog barking problem with her 2 dogs. They wanted to go on vacatio and take the dogs. The dogs would bark at people, the would bark at other dogs and squirrels. They knew the hotel would not allow that behavior, but...

Laser Lights and Dog Problems

They Didn’t Know Laser Lights Would Start Her Dog Problems     It started as the most innocent of games. They just wanted to play with their 2 yr. old high energy lab, Jessie. It was a fun game to play with Jessie until the “new wore off” and it was no...