Dog Training in Houston by Jim Burwell

Together we can train a happy, obedient dog!

Have you always wanted a well-behaved dog? Jim Burwell, a dog trainer in Houston for more than 30 years, can show you the tips, tricks, and tried-and-true methods that will get you real results. In no time, you’ll have a happy, obedient dog and behavioral problems will be a thing of the past. Jim Burwell was selected as the Best Dog Trainer in Houston, and with his methods you’ll be able to:

  • Train in your home on your schedule
  • Start off right with your new puppy
  • Solve your worst dog behavior problems

If you’re looking for dog training in Houston, look no further than Jim Burwell!  We’re ready to help!

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“Our experience with Jim has been nothing short of life changing and
best of all we get to keep our dogs.”
– Simone Adams



Jim Burwell

How Do I Stop My Dog from Doing—

How do I stop my dog from doing —You Fill in the Blank!   Your blank may be filled with: My dog jumps. My dog steals my stuff. My dog counter-surfs. My dog digs in the back yard. My dog barks at people walking by. The list of complaints goes on and is never...

Toxic Flea Prevention Again

Here’s what I read today about another topical flea preventative!     I know flea prevention products contain pesticides, which were not good for my dogs but this, this was scary. This article included a  dog owner’s “question and answer” comment...