Dog Training in Houston by Jim Burwell

Have you always wanted a well-behaved dog?

Jim Burwell, Houston’s most trusted dog trainer for more than 30 years, can show you tried-and-true methods that will get you the results you want from your dog. Selected as the Best Dog Trainer in Houston, with his methods in no time you’ll be able to:




for a free phone evaluation today!

Jim Burwell

“Our experience with Jim has been nothing short of life changing and
best of all we get to keep our dogs.”
– Simone Adams

Dog Barking at Guests – The Fix

Are Your Guests Intimidated by Your Dog’s Barking? If fewer people are coming over to visit you might want to watch this video. Here are 3 tips to fix that embarrassing behavior of your dog barking at guests. To practice “and” also use with your visitors, you should... read more

Pulling on Leash – How To Stop It

Leash Pulling Brings a Nice Dog Walk to a Fast End   Have you “had it” with all the pulling on leash? Are you ready for that great walk both you and your dog can enjoy? The video below gives you one tip that just might be the ticket for you. Equipment and Tools... read more

Should Your Dog Be on the Couch

  Just When Can Your Dog Be On The Couch?   It depends. If you can sit by your dog on the couch and get your dog off the couch whenever you want – no problem. However, if you go over to sit by your dog who’s hogging the couch only to have him growl at you... read more

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