My Dog is Anxious in the Crate

My dog is anxious in the crate. She barks and whines incessantly every time I crate her in the house which, needless to say, drives us nuts! We are exhausted and weary from a severe loss of sleep. Please help me! That’s what Jack and Maggie were experiencing with their newly adopted rescue dog Nellie, […]

Dog Problems – Could Be Boredom

Please See Sammy Burwell’s Video at End of Blog Post On one side of town a dog owner complained that their dog shredded the arm of their favorite lounge chair. On the opposite side of town another dog owner complained that their dog is extremely needy and in fact has become an incessant licker. The […]

Dog Barking Got You at the End of Your Rope?

If you dog’s barking is out of control about reacting to distractions like your doorbell ringing, or seeing a neighbor outside, then understanding how “training for specific circumstances” can be especially beneficial to you. If you own a dog, then you have more than likely – at one time or another – been faced with […]

Review: Aggressive Dog

Hi this is Nick White we have an 18 month old Doberman named Jax. He was territorial, showed aggression and snapped at strangers when he saw them. We called Jim and after about 2 or 3 lessons we saw a huge change in him. He’s now able to meet strangers without showing any signs of […]