Dog Food: My Dog Eats What?

Dog Food: My Dog Eats What? by Jim Burwell It’s amazing how some dog owners buy their dog food. If it looks good on the package, it will taste good to their dog. Processed dog food that is poor quality and chock full of cheap carbs and sugar can plague unsuspecting dog owners with out […]

It’s Impossible to Train My Dog!

I sometimes think many dog owners take the easy way out and just say, “It’s impossible to train my dog!” Some will say, “It’s just my dog’s personality. It’s just the way he is, even though it’s impossible to train my dog.” If even after you have tried your best at dog obedience training, maybe […]

What People Want from Their Dogs

It’s always interesting what people want from their dogs. Let me give you two examples of people and their dogs. On the surface they seem different but they are really not different. Example one John and Glenda, have an older dog Ben that had always been independent. Ben is content to lie off to the […]