3 Tips to Avoid Dominant Dog Problems

Let me first describe a dominant dog. Listed below are some characteristics that will give you some visual clues of a dominant dog: Pushy Assertive Challenging Self-assured or very strong-willed High Energy Excitable and easily distracted Your dominant dog is not necessarily bad. He just needs a lot of structure and leadership “from you” – […]

Stop Dog House Soiling 5 Easy Steps

I understand your frustration because of your dog house soiling problem. It stinks, it’s ruined your floors and worst of all – it’s downright embarrassing. Here are 5 easy steps that will help you stop dog house soiling. Once you’ve ruled out all medical issues that may be causing his “accidents,” (e.g.; bladder infection) we […]

Dog Training: Short Sweet to the Point

You might look at dog training as a “time luxury” you can’t afford. Simple structure in the home, like earning “twice-a-day” meals by getting a simple sit, seems to be too much for many. Asking for any additional add-ons to the dog’s learn-to-earn program seems to push an already time-crunched dog owner to the point […]

Bad Dog Behavior Fix

Does bad dog behavior have you so beat down most days it seems you have totally lost control of your dog? Usually the culprit is an out-of-control bossy type dog or young dog with no boundaries, taking control of your whole house and everything in it. Where Did It All Go Wrong Before you find […]