Walking Your Dog Aggressive Dog

Walking your dog aggressive dog should not be frightening or even down right disastrous. But for some it is. It doesn’t have to be that way any more. Before You Walk Your Dog Again   Before you walk your dog aggressive dog again and really shatter your confidence, here are 3 “Management Principles” to follow […]

My Dog Owns Me. Help!

My dog owns me! “Help!” is the plea by many dog owners, even if it’s not those exact words. This particular distress call explanation usually sounds pretty much like what Barbara, owner of Big Boy, said: “I was greeting my friend with a hug and my wonderful, loving dog literally jumped off the couch, sailed […]

Dog is Aggressive on Leash

Disclaimer:  When working on leash aggression, Make sure to consider all options carefully before deciding on how to begin working on your dog’s leash aggression. Following is a reader inquiry to one of my blogs about her dog that is aggressive on leash. Hello, my name is Mary I am in need of help with […]

Review: Fearful Dog

My story starts in November 2010 with the search for a dog.  What type of dog and do we want a puppy or a rescue.  We decided on a rescue Miniature Australian Shepherd. She was shy and barked for a long time and then she warmed up just a bit.  The foster mom said she […]

My Dog Growls

My dog growled at me.  Here’s why:  I was massaging and cleaning our black lab Sammy’s ear canals and I heard a kind of “back of the throat” growl. Sammy closed his eyes; he leaned into me and my dog growled. I thought to myself and wondered— how many people have punished their dog for […]