Dog Behaviour

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Your Leash is Talking to Your Dog

We communicate with our dogs in many ways. One of which is how WE handle the leash that is attached to our dog. If you are dealing with a dog that is scared on walks, how you handle the leash sends either good or not so good messages to your dog. Watch the video and […]

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Confidence Building for Scared Dogs

Scared dogs need help with confidence.  Building the confidence in your scared dog can be as easy as playing a game. When your scared dog learns that doing one thing gets him something  he wants – that’s confidence building and the lightbuld goes off and he thinks YES I DID IT. The great part about this […]

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Stop Your Dog’s Counter Surfing

Failed Attempts Fixing Your Dog’s Counter Surfing  Either your dog has run off with your dinner or lunch or even worse he’s grabbed something that could hurt him. You’re frustrated that you can’t stop it Equally as frustrating is all the “why don’t you try this” suggestions from friends, relatives and other dog owners. Things […]

Dog Problems in an Impatient Society

Can Your Busy Lifestyle Accommodate a Dog and Dog Problems?   I got a call the other day from a magazine reporter. She wanted information on how people could fit a dog into their life and still continue to jam-pack their nights and weekends. Engage in all their with social activities or go out with […]

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Help Your Fear Aggressive Dog

Do You Cringe at How Your Fear Aggressive Dog Reacts? Are you afraid of walking your fearful dog because he becomes violently aggressive at the sight of other dogs? Then it’s time to teach your dog how to react in a more acceptable way, with a training approach you may not have ever heard of! […]