Dog Behaviour

dog behavior Houston, Jim Burwell

Stop Your Dog’s Counter Surfing

Failed Attempts Fixing Your Dog’s Counter Surfing  Either your dog has run off with your dinner or lunch or even worse he’s grabbed something that could hurt him. You’re frustrated that you can’t stop it Equally as frustrating is all the “why don’t you try this” suggestions from friends, relatives and other dog owners. Things […]

Dog Problems in an Impatient Society

Can Your Busy Lifestyle Accommodate a Dog and Dog Problems?   I got a call the other day from a magazine reporter. She wanted information on how people could fit a dog into their life and still continue to jam-pack their nights and weekends. Engage in all their with social activities or go out with […]

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Help Your Fear Aggressive Dog

Do You Cringe at How Your Fear Aggressive Dog Reacts? Are you afraid of walking your fearful dog because he becomes violently aggressive at the sight of other dogs? Then it’s time to teach your dog how to react in a more acceptable way, with a training approach you may not have ever heard of! […]

Tips For Your Thunder Phobic Dog

Is Curing Your Thunder Phobic Dog a Total Lost Cause? Or is a cure at least within the realm of possibility? And if so, what do you do to cure or even calm your thunder phobic dog? Really bad storms recently ravaged through the Texas Hill Country and other parts of Texas leaving many very […]

dog behavior Houston, Jim Burwell

On-Leash Dog Aggression-Fix It

Your Stress Can Trigger On-Leash Dog Aggression     You may not even be aware that your fear and stress could be your dog’s first clue that something is wrong. Your emotional state can actually cause on-leash dog aggression in your dog. Judy was oblivious to it. With a dog that has had limited opportunities […]

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Dog Invades Their Space

 90# Dog Invades Their Space, A Huge Problem! John and Mary were concerned that their 18 month old male German Shepherd dog invades their space all the time. He also pushed his way into their children’s space and also visitors. It was no laughing matter. Blaze, the German Shepherd was a whopping 90 pound problem! John said, “My […]

dog behavior Houston, Jim Burwell

Dog Bites Owner – How to Fix It

It Can Be Devastating When Your Dog Bites You It was for Veronica. It ripped her emotions wide open. With her arm just stitched and bandaged from her dog bite, she recounted the horrible experience that night with Max. I could hear the devastation in her voice and see it in her eyes as well. […]

dog behavior Houston, Jim Burwell

Dog Pees When Touched

Anytime He Went Near His Dog, She Submissively Pees When Touched     What’s he do? He explodes with anger and grabs his dog to stop her excited peeing, and got peed on in the process! The sound of his anger rattled the dishes! That’s what I walked in on. I was shocked by how he […]