Our Fearful Dog

“Our fearful dog is keeping us from enjoying all the things a normal dog owner gets to enjoy with their dog.” That was the answer I got when I asked Billy and Sue, “How can I help you with your dog?” Now that can be a lot of things, so I asked them what their […]

My Dog Licks – How Do I Stop It

“My dog licks all the time!” It drives me nuts and because my dog licks so much, I can’t seem to stay in a meaningful relationship” That’s exactly what my client said when I got all the background information for our lessons. In fact, the licking was so bad that her dog would not only […]

Has Your Dog Unfairly Been Labeled A Social Bully

Being confronted by the trainer in Jack’s socialization class that Jack was a social bully, was concerning, humiliating – and embarrassing. The subject was not addressed directly but instead, Jack, a young, head-strong Siberian husky pup was timed out (crated) so many times in his socialization class that his owners were too embarrassed to return. […]

Women and Their Dogs

What got me to thinking about women and their dogs? We had a scary medical emergency this morning with our lab, Sammy who, from a small thrown away puppy, has had some serious medical issues with his hips and elbows. When Leila heard Sammy’s low yelp/scream Saturday morning she saw Sammy not moving – not […]