Walking Your Dog

Walking your dog is just plain fun! It provides the highest level of enjoyment for you and your dog. But it can’t be fun if you don’t feel like you have total control and your dog is secure and safe on a flexi-lead. Without a doubt, every dog owner should decide which leash is better […]

Walking on a Leash

Hi, this is Jim Cunningham.  We hired Jim Burwell to work with us for 3 sessions with our 5 1/2 month old lab puppy, Rio, who was having some issues walking   on  leash and other issues around the house. We thought the program was very effective. Rio is a lot more pleasant to walk around […]

Review: dog walking nightmare

I’m Cheryl Yetz and we have 2 rescue Golden Retrievers and we called Jim to help us handle the dogs on walks. Our younger dog was very excited by prey and birds and rabbits and now we are able to handle our dogs and have comfortable and safe walks with them. We accomplished this within […]