Dog Obedience

Walking Your Dog

Walking your dog is just plain fun! It provides the highest level of enjoyment for you and your dog. But it can’t be fun if you don’t feel like you have total control and your dog is secure and safe on a flexi-lead. Without a doubt, every dog owner should decide which leash is better […]

Tips for Obedience Training Your Dog

Dog Obedience Training- Easy Tips

Obedience training means training your dog to be well behaved – and that means something different to every dog owner and their dog.  Some with big dogs need loose leash walking and no jumping. Others with small dogs may not have a pulling problem but want to solve other issues with their dog like begging […]

Dog Walking Leah Pulling

Dog Walking – Leash Pulling

Dog walking can be fun – and without leash pulling. Yes, both you and your dog can enjoy a fun and relaxing walk without all the hassles of pulling. Someone had asked – actually chatted with me on FaceBook, complaining about their dog pulling on leash. So, I thought I’d expand a little more about […]