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SIT STAY A Must Have Command

  A reliable sit stay is a must have command. But most…

I've got a jumpy dog - Easy Fix

 Nobody Likes a Jumpy Dog If you've got a jumpy dog then…
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Backyard Barking Solutions

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Creative Exercise For Your Dog

  Creative Exercise Manages Energy Using creative exercise…

Scared Dog Confidence Builder- Find It

  Help Your Scared Dog Can Gain Confidence with Find It! Every…
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dog behavior Houston, walking a scared dog

Walking Your Scared Dog - What Keeps You Up At Night

Hi Folks: this message is specifically for my subscribers…
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Your Leash is Talking to Your Dog

We communicate with our dogs in many ways. One of which is how…
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Is Your Dog Interested in You?

Signs your dog is not interested in you: My dog will not come…
dog behavior Houston, walking a scared dog

Confidence Building for Scared Dogs

Scared dogs need help with confidence.  Building the confidence…