Walking Your Dog Aggressive Dog

Walking your dog aggressive dog should not be frightening or even down right disastrous. But for some it is. It doesn’t have to be that way any more. Before You Walk Your Dog Again   Before you walk your dog aggressive dog again and really shatter your confidence, here are 3 “Management Principles” to follow […]

Dogs are Smart and Funny

Some dogs are smart. Some dogs are funny. But our dogs are smart and funny – especially Sammy. I would even stretch it to say, “He’s conniving!” I wanted to share this with you for a couple of reasons. One is that we get asked constantly, “I’ll bet your dogs are perfect, right?” The other […]

Dog Training Works

In order to talk to you about how dog training  works, I first need to talk about what doesn’t work with dogs.   Here’s the biggest mistake most every dog owner makes that doesn’t work with dogs.  Not working your dog every day Most every dog owner does not consider the time it takes to […]

Kids and Dogs: A Crazy Combo

Kids and dogs just go together – don’t they? Or, do they? Kids are drawn to dogs just like those little magnets that are so drawn to your refrigerator.  Dogs seem to accumulate a lot of refrigerator magnets of the two-legged variety everywhere they go and the cuter the dog – the more kids.  Some […]

Successful Dog Training Tips

Successful dog training, as I have always said, is not about the dog – it always about the dog’s owner(s).  There are certain things that every dog owner should know if they expect their puppy or dog to grow up to be a well behaved, well-adjusted dog with no dog problems. These dog training tips […]

My Dog is Anxious in the Crate

My dog is anxious in the crate. She barks and whines incessantly every time I crate her in the house which, needless to say, drives us nuts! We are exhausted and weary from a severe loss of sleep. Please help me! That’s what Jack and Maggie were experiencing with their newly adopted rescue dog Nellie, […]