Why is my dog barking at the front door? Fri 9/11

E;pisode # 2 Can’t understand why your dog is continuously barking at your front door? Or maybe, at times, he is barking for no reason at all? Join us for this special episode where we not only show you how to end the barking but also answer your questions – live.  Time Stamp of Questions asked:

How do I work on multiple dogs who charge the door.  I need help with my dog barking!   My dog barking goes on inside at the neighbor’s dogs barking outside and when the leave the house.   When my older dog barks, that sets the puppies to also bark.  How to stop my 13 yr old dog barking at the door and rushing out to get petted by the visitor.  How to stop my dog barking a people outside and walking by

Dog Invades Their Space

 90# Dog Invades Their Space, A Huge Problem! John and Mary were concerned that their 18 month old male German Shepherd dog invades their space all the time. He also pushed his way into their children’s space and also visitors. It was no laughing matter. Blaze, the German Shepherd was a whopping 90 pound problem! John said, “My […]

Dog Behavior Problems 3 Top Posts

3 Irritating Dog Problems and Their Solutions In a nutshell, these are your “Top Pick 3” for last year. Enjoy! This is what you told me you helps you with your dog behavior problems. Training for Good Dog Door Manners #1 First of all what does that mean? And, just how do you do that? […]

Separation Anxiety -Dog Goes Nuts

What if – just what if I could tell you how to help your dog begin the recovery process from his separation anxiety? But let me explain your dog’s separation anxiety to you. This may help you understand. I think the best way to explain it to you is how I overheard my wife describing it […]

Toxic Flea Prevention Again

Here’s what I read today about another topical flea preventative!     I know flea prevention products contain pesticides, which were not good for my dogs but this, this was scary. This article included a  dog owner’s “question and answer” comment to noted veterinarian Michael Fox. Her dog had a bad experience after the owner applied flea control. […]

3 Tips to Avoid Dominant Dog Problems

Let me first describe a dominant dog. Listed below are some characteristics that will give you some visual clues of a dominant dog: Pushy Assertive Challenging Self-assured or very strong-willed High Energy Excitable and easily distracted Your dominant dog is not necessarily bad. He just needs a lot of structure and leadership “from you” – […]

Stop Bad Dog Manners at Your Front Door

Let’s face it; bad dog manners at your front door are irritating, obnoxious and embarrassing! Plus, the bigger your dog, the more problematic and embarrassing his behavior problem becomes. Does this sound familiar?   “My dog goes into wild behavior when people she loves visit. She won’t stop jumping in their face. She is so big, […]

My Dog Will Not Listen

Let’s change “my dog will not listen” to “problem solved!” Stop feeling as if you are competing with the world for your dog’s attention!     If your dog is a constant challenge on a walk especially around distractions like dogs, cats, people and squirrels, turning an otherwise pleasant walking experience into a catastrophe waiting […]