Puppy Training Video Coaching

Puppy Training Using Live Video Coaching with Google Hangouts Wes is a former NBC, Channel 2 weatherman.  I did puppy training with him and his wife when they lived here before moving to North Carolina The got a new puppy and again wanted my to help them with training their puppy. It was an easy […]

Safe Puppy Socialization: 3 Tips

Who Knows Best About Safely Socializing Your Puppy?   Every “dog professional”, whether a trainer, veterinarian, animal behaviorist, agree that puppy socialization is critical. Let’s face it,  no one wants an aggressive puppy or dog no matter what the cause. Early puppy socialization is the key in avoiding fearfulness and fear aggression towards people and other […]

One Great Puppy Training Tip

A quick puppy training tip is simply this: start puppy training from the very first day you get a new puppy.  It is one of the most important things to do with your brand new puppy.   I really wanted to emphasize that to those of you thinking about getting a puppy. Why? Because your new […]

Bad Dog Behavior Fix

Does bad dog behavior have you so beat down most days it seems you have totally lost control of your dog? Usually the culprit is an out-of-control bossy type dog or young dog with no boundaries, taking control of your whole house and everything in it. Where Did It All Go Wrong Before you find […]

Walking Your Dog: Like Candy to a Kid

Walking your dog can be mutually beneficial for you and your dog and immensely improve his quality of life. Everyone knows the benefits of exercise especially walking, is great. But do you really know why walking your dog at least twice daily is important? Quality of life I once read that a dog’s quality of […]

Calming Your Dog

Calming your dog can refer to numerous situations: thunderstorms, fireworks, or just any time he shows extreme anxiety about something. But today I want to talk about calming your excitable and out of control dog with better human-dog interaction because how You behave can have a profound effect on how Your dog behaves. You interact […]