Success Stories

Puppy Training Video Coaching

Puppy Training Using Live Video Coaching with Google Hangouts Wes is a former NBC, Channel 2 weatherman.  I did puppy training with him and his wife when they lived here before moving to North Carolina The got a new puppy and again wanted my to help them with training their puppy. It was an easy […]

Rowdy, Bossy Dog Gets Manners

Barkley the Rowdy, Bossy Dog was the Love of Megan’s Life   Megan knew she had to get better control of Barkley. He was such a rowdy and bossy dog, that the only way she could ever stop him from constantly jumping was to always stand on his leash. He behaved very badly and refused to listen […]

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Dog Training Fixes Dog Behavior

Dog Training, Leash Walking Fix Dog Behavior Problems   Brian owns two large pitt bull dogs who had not had any dog training. He was having problems with having them in the house and walking them on leash. The two dogs were very high energy and destructive. This came about because no dog training structure […]

Stopping Family Dogs Fighting

Our Dogs Are Fighting

 “Our Dogs Are Fighting” Not only is this a very scary situation for you but it’s also stressful and exhausting. Managing which dog is in the room when, having to make sure the gates are up to keep everyone separate. Heaven forbid, a slight mis=step and the dogs are in the same room, staring each […]