Review: Puppy Biting

My name is Julie and we are the Parsons family.  We have a 9 month old miniature schnauzer named Carli.  We’ve had Carli since she was about 4    months old.  While she is very cute, her typical puppy behavior soon became quite annoying and in some instances painful.  Since we have 2 young daughters we […]

Puppy Biting Too Hard?

Puppies are generally taken from the litter at 7 to 8 weeks of age. This time with its litter mates is critical as it is used to help puppies learn to read body language and signals with it’s littermates through play and interaction. Signals like, let’s play or too rough or back off please! Good […]

12 Week Old Puppy Hell

I was trying to a be a nice guy!  I took in a client’s 12 week old puppy to keep for a week (while she was away) and to do some training.  He’s male, HIGH energy and very very full of himself.  He bites, barks for attention and jumps on us and our dogs relentlessly […]

Puppy Biting – What NOT To Do

I recently read a blog posted by dog trainer,G.D. Williams, on how to correct puppy biting.  I must say that I was absolutely appalled at the suggestion that an owner should “come down hard on the puppy” and give the puppy, among other things, a “strong blow to the nose!”  This sounds like something out […]