Review: house breaking and puppy biting

Cathy Fonfara 150x150 Review:  house breaking and puppy biting I’m  Cathy Fonfara and my dog is Stella Dora.

We called Jim after my vet recommended Jim Burwell  to puppy train and train me to potty train Stella

So I called up Jim, he came to the house and showed me how to train Stella and I used his techniques

After 3 lessons and she’s acting like a normal dog

She’s not biting me like she used to.           She’s not pottying in the house like she used to.           I appreciated it and I will recommend Jim.

About Jim Burwell

Jim Burwell is one of Houston’s most established and thriving dog trainers. His at home dog training process constitutes the culmination of 30 years of experience teaching canines of virtually all breeds — and educating their owners.

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