Market Your Dog Training Business: The Value of Thank You

As you are looking for new clients for your dog training, don’t overlook the value of thank you to an existing client.

There is a statistic somewhere about the amount of money you have to spend to get a new client versus keeping an existing client. I believe they say it costs 5 times more to get a new client. That 5 times can mean money AND time.

Just because a client has finished training his dog with you does not mean that client has no value to you in the future.

Market Your Dog Training Business


Let’s list a few of the things of value that an existing client brings to you


  • A great referral source if you’ve fixed his dog problem
  • An opportunity to involve that client in other, different types of training with you
  • An opportunity to help that client with a future dog

Because they can be a source of new or ongoing business with you, how would you go about making sure that you stay on their mind?


There are a couple of easy and inexpensive ways to do this. Let me tell you my 2 favorites

The first is so simple, yet I don’t believe I ever see another dog trainer do this.

It’s a simple, hand written thank you note sent to your client within a week of them finishing their lessons with you. I’m not talking an email; I’m talking a personally written thank you note to your client.

We do this all the time and have had great response to this small gesture. Clients will call us and remark how nice and thoughtful it was to get a note from Jim. They will remember him in the future for their own dog or refer you to a friend. It’s thoughtful, it’s considerate and most of all, if you are sincere, you have just shown this client that you truly appreciate their business and care about them and their dog.

My second favorite way to keep in contact with clients is our newsletter. When we have finished up lessons with our client they are always added to our newsletter list along with all our other subscribers.

Something as simple as a newsletter, delivered on time, when you say without exception always keeps you in their mind’s eye. They hear about what you’re doing, you’re giving great information that they “share with others who may not know you”. We’ve have clients on our newsletter subscript for years and they never unsubscribe.

If you do not stay in touch with clients they will forget.

Both of these examples I have given you cost you more in time than in money. But both of these examples create a huge return on your investment.

If you’re reading this, then you signed up for our free information on our website, and this is our way of keeping in touch with you and letting you know that you’re important to us.

Let folks know you care and you’re always interested in them and their dog. Serving and loving your customers is the very best way to do business – trust me.


Leila Martin, is the brains behind the success of on the marketing side. She has run our online and offline marketing system since 2006. Leila’s ability to grow our online presence using both a website and social media in the dog training world has been a critical part of success . She has tripled the number of visitors to our website and increased our revenue by 25% each year.  Bottom line: Our appointment book is always filled.

In her spare time Leila can be seen in her office dancing with our black lab Sammy Burwell

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