Control Your Dog Behavior

Trying to control your dog behavior can drive many owners to the end of their rope! On the one hand we really like these descriptive qualities in our dogs: playfulness, high energy, high spirits and full of life. However, when your dog doesn’t slow down and you can’t find the “off-button,” it becomes a lot […]

Small Dogs Need Training and Exercise

Believe it or not small dogs need training and exercise as well. Let me say it again: Small dogs need training and exercise for their mental and physical health and well-being. Not providing your small dog with enough house rules, obedience training and exercise sets your dog and you up for dog behavior problems. These […]

Dogs and Fireworks

Dogs and fireworks can be a scary and tragic combination. How will your dog cope with this coming July 4th?  Is he a trooper like a hunting dog and not affected by the sound of fireworks or gun shots? Or does your dog crawl into your lap or hide in the farthest and darkest corner […]

Help Your Dog Beat the Heat

If you don’t help your dog beat the heat, you may have big problems later. That would be a tragedy. We walked our three dogs today — mid-day — for a very short potty break only because the electricians were working in the already brutally sunny back yard. The asphalt street and the concrete sidewalks […]

Stress in Dogs

There can be many reasons for stress in dogs these days which can then create dog behavior problems you never would have expected. Dogs are simple animals but, simple things you might not think about, can create stress in your dog.  Stress can be physical or emotional in character or it can be related to […]

What Your Dog Is Thinking Can Hurt You

You may not realize that what your dog is thinking can hurt you. As often happens, your nurturing instincts kick in as you begin to do the things that you think your dog needs and also satisfy your needs in the relationship. You were going to obedience train your dog but you got a little […]

Investing in Training for Your Dog

Investing in training for your dog is the same as investing in your own personal welfare. You want to make sure you have everything you need in life. You have your basic needs covered with food, clothing and shelter. You also need a good balance of physical and mental stimulation in your life to stay […]