Adult Dog House Soiling

It’s Easier Than You Think

to Re-House Train Your Adult Dog

House soiling in plain English.  You and I both know what we’re talking about.

Okay, I’m going to say it….poop or pooping and or peeing where they shouldn’t- maybe you say potty training – or the lack thereof! 

Kind of like the potty training skill has left on vacation.

Adult Dog House Soiling

It’s one of the more common dog training complaints I receive. 

I will arrive at my client’s home and I see the frustration, confusion and yes even anger because their completely housebroken dog is now peeing and pooping in the house. 

And what makes it worse is the dog is sneaking off to do it!  This makes for a really nice surprise or a gift then when guests come over and there on your beautiful area rug in your dining room is a nice “little gift” your dog left. 

You don’t find it so funny.

Obviously this does not include if a dog has a medical condition and it is always our responsibility when something unusual happens to make sure nothing is wrong.

So, now that you know nothing is wrong, than you become really irritated with what your dog is doing.

So, next—–

You become more upset with your dog and the dog is having a problem with all your negative emotions and the whole problem is escalating out of control. 

 What the heck does that mean?

The problem can be directly connected back to the interaction between YOU and your dog – your emotional interactions and lack of giving your dog direction!


Dogs thrive on structure and routine.  They do not do well with lots of highs and lows in the emotions departments.

They do not do well with major disruption of their routine, or jockeying for what they see as their “position” with other dogs in the family.

In a nutshell – all of the above creates an insecure dog.

An insecure dog will soil in the house!

But, all is not lost.  It’s fixable – if you understand what you need to change AND you consistently send your dog the right message.

This does NOT involve any harsh treatment of your dog – only positive reinforcement is used.  Harsh treatment makes everything worse.

The message must be that your dog is always following your lead – your dog is NOT to make the decisions in the relationship. 

If he does make those decisions – he will make them like a dog and believe me that’s not going to make you a happy dog owner.


There are 3 steps that need to happen to turn your dog around.

And guess what? Those steps are pretty much the same ones you use with your children OR that your parents used with you to teach you how to behave. Here’s what you’ll learn in these 17 pages


    1. Step One: you must give your dog a routine on how things are to be done. 
    2. Step Two: you must teach your dog that he looks to you for direction; he does not make the decisions.  
    3. Step Three: you must teach your dog the behavior you want him to give you instead of complaining about what he does now. 


You’ll Get All These Benefits With the House Soiling In Adult Dogs Training

You will learn and understand how some simple changes in how you structure life with your dog will help your dog to become less stressed and anxious

You will see how keeping a daily routine of always having your dog look to you for direction actually makes life with your dog much easier

You’ll see your dog return to the loving, happy and obedient dog he once was.

You’ll get your dog back into their established bathroom habits. No more little (or big) surprises!


 You Owe This to Your Dog – and You

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