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Puppy Training Video Coaching

Puppy Training Using Live Video Coaching with Google Hangouts

Wes is a former NBC, Channel 2 weatherman.  I did puppy training with him and his wife when they lived here before moving to North Carolina

The got a new puppy and again wanted my to help them with training their puppy.

It was an easy request to fill.  We simply schedule 3 live interactive video calls with them and did all the same puppy training exercises and training that we did when they lived here before.

Geography is no longer an issue when you need puppy training for your new family puppy.




Rowdy, Bossy Dog Gets Manners

Barkley the Rowdy, Bossy Dog was the Love of Megan’s Life


Megan knew she had to get better control of Barkley.

He was such a rowdy and bossy dog, that the only way she could ever stop him from constantly jumping was to always

stand on his leash.

He behaved very badly and refused to listen to her when they were outside. This was especially true if other dogs were around

Barkley is a very nice and friendly dog. Megan, however had not been consistent with rules so Barkley took advantage of that.

Barkley became the boss and a rowdy boss at that.

Megan had interviewed several dog trainers, including a e-collar trainer. She chose to use positive reinforcement training

that was about structure and consistency, not just click to treat.

Megan and Barkely are a great team now.  He’s no longer a rowdy, bossy dog.  See the video below.

can not walk dog, dog training Houston

Dog Training Fixes Dog Behavior

Dog Training, Leash Walking Fix Dog Behavior Problems


Brian owns two large pitt bull dogs who had not had any dog training.

He was having problems with having them in the house and walking them on leash.

The two dogs were very high energy and destructive.

This came about because no dog training structure was given to the dog.

This meant the dogs were being sent to another part of the house and little to no interaction.

That in itself helped create the problems of the dogs chewing up everything, the dogs jumping all over them and generally acting wild
in the home

Because Brian was unable to walk the two of them together without them going nuts, jumping on him and reacting to other
dogs, he finally quit walking them at all.

Again, the dogs were left to their own means to get rid of their pent up energy.

So you can see that the dogs not being walked created excess energy and with the dog’s behavior problems in the house
from no walking and no dog training, Brian had one big mess on his hands with his dogs.

We first started with the walking and I introduced him to the Gentle Leader which is a great non-aversive tool
to help walk his dogs and work on dog training.

We then began to put rules and boundaries into the dogs lives with making the dogs do obedience commands like sit, down,
go to place to earn the things they wanted.

The dogs are now able to live in the home with Brian, they get walked every day and the dogs and Brian are happy with each other.

Jim Burwell trains dogs not to bark

Barking Dogs Create Vacation Problems



Barking Dogs Behave on Vacation

Glenda had a bad dog barking problem with her 2 dogs. They wanted to go on vacation and take the dogs. The dogs would bark at people, the would bark at other dogs and squirrels. They knew the hotel would not allow that behavior, but their departure date was fast approaching.

We were able to get 2 lessons in before they left and Glenda worked her homework with the dogs.  It ended up being a great vacation and those 2 little barking dogs became the darlings of the hotel.

Together We Can Raise A Happy and Obedient Dog

You got your dog for a reason. You wanted to share your life with a happy and loving dog. But now, your dog has big problems and life is not happy.

I can help you get that happy, well behaved dog back. We’ll work together at your speed and both you and your dog will have fun every step of the way.

puppy training Houston with Jim Burwell

First Time Puppy Owner

Never having had a puppy before Donna was anxious about training her new puppy the right way.

In 3 lessons Donna learned how to get her puppy to

  1. Be potty trained
  2. Not to bite and nip
  3. Teach him  to come when called
  4. Teach him  all the house manners she wanted.

Stopping Family Dogs Fighting

Our Dogs Are Fighting

 “Our Dogs Are Fighting”

Our family dogs fight Not only is this a very scary situation for you but it’s also stressful and exhausting. Managing which dog is in the room when, having to make sure the gates are up to keep everyone separate. Heaven forbid, a slight mis=step and the dogs are in the same room, staring each other down and then the fight begins. It’s worse than a bar fight! Worst case scenario is that not only might a dog get hurt but you could also end up being severely injured. The amount of guilt about what do to with “the dog” that causes all this keeps you up at night. Listen as this couple relates what was going on with their dogs and the steps they are taking to fix if when “our dogs are fighting”

Together We Can Raise A Happy and Obedient Dog

If you need help with your family dog’s fighting please be sure to sign up for my free hour long recorded class on why your dogs are fighting

Jim Burwell, is Houston’s most respected dog trainer for 25+ years, serving over 10,000 clients. Jim takes the science of dog training and shows you how to make it work with your family and dog. He gives you the ability to get the same great behavior from your dog.

Dominique Sachse puppy training

Puppy Training and Show Dog Handler Training



Puppy training for Oscar, the soft coated Wheaton.  Oscar, who belongs to Dominique Sachse,  is also learning to be a show dog and his handler needed a little help with having him listen in the ring.

Video Review: Bossy dog no longer runs the home


Ted was a pretty bossy dog with absolutely no manners

He really had his owner at his beck and call. With structure and routine Ted has become a very well mannered dog.



Ted was a pretty bossy dog.  He decided it was his job to run the house and have his owners do whatever Ted wanted.  Ted just needed some structure and to understand that he needed to ask for what he wanted, not demand it.  The family is much happier and found it to be easy, stress free, not harsh at all to help Ted learn some doggie manners. It really got down to teach Ted manners. This is not much different than teaching your child how to behave. It’s actually easier because in dog training your dog only has about 6 things that he truly values. When you use those 6 things and have you dog basically say “may I please” then your dog becomes well mannered. Dog training is simply understanding how to take what comes naturally to your dog and use that to teach him how to live in a human world. Hope you enjoy the video.

Puppy Training System

Review: Ground Rules really help a stray puppy



Lisa and her rescue puppy,  Spanky explain why having a set of rules to live by makes for a better behaved dog. Lisa is not a dog person by nature so when she rescued Spanky, Lisa had a lot to learn about puppy training. I did 3 dog training lessons in here home here in Houston and Spanky has learned to be a well mannered puppy and she and Lisa are in love with each other. Dog training is one of the best things you can do for your dog. It gives them a system they can follow to live in our humans world. When you teach these Ground Rules for GReat Dogs to your dog, he learns to look at your for direction, learns that doing dog training obedience commands is his way of asking for things. Dog behavior problems usually arise when there is lack of training in the home

Dog Aggression Solved

Review: Front Door Aggression stops

Spenser showed a lot of dog aggression at the front door and around his crate. Whenever people came over Spenser would charge the door. He simply had decided that was his job and he got to decide who came in and who didn’t come in. When they would come near the crate when Spenser was inside he would growl and barkat them until they moved back. Spenser just needed to understand that was not his job and that his mom and dad have everything under control. Helping your dog understand what is and is not his job is done through structure with your dog and also using basic obedience commands. If you do not want your dog to charge the front door, then teach your dog what you would prefer for him to do. If you don’t do that he will decide what to do himself, and he will make that decision based on the fact he’s thinking like a dog would about his territory.