client testimonials for Jim Burwell, Houston dog trainer

Dog Separation Anxiety

Review: Separation Anxiety turns around

Dingo was adopted at a shelter and brought into Jennifer’s home. It was very clear from the beginning that Dingo suffered from severe separation anxiety

Dingo ate through his crate, he chewed thru doors and walls. It was very stressful for both Dingo and his owner.

The way we approached the dog’s separation anxiety was by adding structure and routine to Dingo’s life.

Jennifer was amazed at the power of having your dog earn what he wants by giving you simple basic obedience commands such as sit and down.

It took some work and some time but Dingo has improved greatly with his separation anxiety and he is now a much happier and less stressed dog.

Separation anxiety is a process, but it can be addressed with dog training

Review: Fearful dog becomes happy dog

Henry was an extremely fearful dog. He was afraid to go outside, he was generally a very fearful dog of most things.

His owners had tried a lot of things to help him before they called me.

We worked on structure, the relatinship they had with Henry and I introduced them to Rescue Remedy

which is a natural flower essence that truly helps a lot of fearful dogs and keeps them off other


Dog Aggressive Doberman

Review: Dumped Doberman learns to live in a home


This poor dumped doberman dog was on his third owner. The dog was very hyper and would not listen

and appeared to be a very anxious dog. He also displayed dog to dog aggression We did dog training lessons in his Houston home and worked

on structure and obedience training with him. He’s now much better and in his forever home.

Aggressive Doxen

Ben the Doxen gets housetrained and quits being aggressive to men and dogs


This little doxen was aggressive to men and also had some potty training issues. We worked on

in home dog training in Houston with the owner over the course of 3 weeks. There was a major

difference in her dog’s behavior with the training. The dog is not aggressive to men any more

and is doing well on potty training.

in home puppy training by Jim Burwell

Video Review: Puppy Training for Scout



Scout is a 4 month old puppy who needed help with: dog obedience training, learning to settle, not chasing the cat,

walking well on leash and learning to go up and down stairs. After 3 in home dog training lessons in Houston,

Scout is not afraid of the stairs, she settles down well and is very good at her obedience training commands.

Houston puppy training and Jim Burwell

Video Review: Bear Learns Leash Walking and Learns His Boundaries


In home dog training in Houston has made a world of difference for Bear and his owner. Bear has learned

obedience training and how to walk well on leash. We use the obedience training to teach him to respect

boundaries of where he can and can not go.

Review: Good Dog Training Just Keeps On Going

Hi, Jim, I just wanted to send a note to update you on the long-lasting effects of our training with you. 

Just this week, we decided to take in our first foster dog – he is a year or less, with lots of energy and assertiveness.  We introduced the dogs as you’d taught us, and it’s been less than 24 hours, but things are going well so far.

In the attached pictures, you’ll see Lily (I think you will remember her temperament) and Oscar doing the ‘who’s in charge dance’ – and Max off to the side, barking and hoping for treats (not after barking, of course!).  He is still loud!  In another picture, you’ll see the ‘sit for treats’ line-up. 

And then just one other picture of Oscar, the foster.  There have been a few ‘skirmishes,’ but I feel pretty confident in what we learned from you that will help us keep peace in the house until Oscar is adopted and help teach him some skills that will want people to adopt him!

He’s very cute and pretty smart.   Oscar will be adoptable from Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue if you know anyone who might want him!

Just wanted to let you know that we continue to benefit from your lessons! 

Mindi Stanley

Video Review: Puppy Training Grover


Video Review: Puppy training and 3 kids

New puppy trainingHi we’re Chris and Sara Crawford and these are our kids Carter, McKenna and Millie.

This is our new puppy Kiwi.  She was born on mother’s day and we got her on July 4th.  My wife says that was the day she lost her independence.

So we are grateful to have Jim here helping us to regain our independence.  We’ve learned a lot of new things with Kiwi

She’s learned to not jump, to not bite, she learned to sit to stay and she’s learned to walk and we’ve been able to do that in a couple of weeks.

And it’s been really great for our family.  We’ve really enjoyed Jim and our kids have really enjoyed Kiwi.

So thank you very much.



Video Review: Barking Westies

My Dog Won't Stop BarkingWe Mark and Dehlia and this is Chopin, Kiri, and Bella

We were having troubles with barking, barking, barking whenever anyone rang the doorbell and we were having trouble getting the to sit, heel walk and go around the neighborhood

Jim helped us out with everything.  We found that after ringing the doorbell about 50 times and practicing they don’t do it maybe one bark to let us know

They do a really good job of walking around the neighborhood, right now they ought to be sitting down, oh she is!

They lie down, come and they are happy they are better in the house they don’t wander around the house and they getting toilet trained.

Thank you Jim!