Dog Behavior TV Replays

Dog Behavior TV Replays

Bad Dog Behavior – Steps to Take

We’re talking dog behavior that’s driving you nuts.  A lot of dog behavior problems are caused by stress – your dog’s stress.  We give you simple solutions to fix the dog behavior that’s driving you and your dog nuts.  No matter if you’re dealing with dog behaviors such as house soiling, barking, charging the front door and more – let’s talk about it and give you some ways to turn that dog behavior around

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Puppy Training Sins

Proper puppy training is critical if you’re getting a new puppy.     Why? It will help you avoid the stress and frustration associated with behavior problems and pave the way to a confident, well-balanced dog. It’s easy to combine all the cuteness – licks and cuddles you’re little fur-ball has to offer without sacrificing good solid training.Everyone needs a little help sometimes

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Questions on Your Dog’s Behavior

LIVE  11-4-16 7:00pm Central Time FINAL SEASON 3 SHOW.  Everyone’s got questions about their dog’s behavior! Is your dog barking too much, soiling in the house or maybe you have concerns about your dog’s jumping on house guests or his aggression towards other dogs.

If you have a question, I’ll have an answer or at least one good take-away for you to get you back on track to a well-mannered dog.  If you change your focus from reacting to your dog’s bad behavior to focusing on praising what you want from him instead,  you’ll see a huge change with your dog.  You just have to understand how to teach what your want your dog’s behavior to be.
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My Dog Bit Me – What Do I Do

My Dog Bit Me!  Now what do I do?   On 10-21-16 7:00pm CT Join us live

Nobody wants to say My Dog Bit Me.  You feel betrayed.  

A dog bite can be dangerous, scary and very devastating. Probably the only thing that tops that is if you’re bitten by your own dog. 

That, my friends, can rip your emotions wide open and leave you feeling very betrayed by your beloved companion.

It can also present serious questions like, “Why did he bite me? “ or “Can he be fixed?” and of course, “What do I do to fix it?”

I want you to know — You’re not in the boat alone.

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My Dog Growls No Reason

Live 10-7-16 7:00pm CT  My Dog Growls, No Reason.  Sound familiar? Have you ever been giving your dog a tummy rub/ear scratch and suddenly you are surprised by a growl?  Why would your dog for no reason?
How about when you start to sit on the couch and your dog gives you a very disturbing low growl? You’re just not sure you heard it, but then he does it again. You feel the knot in your stomach and a tightening in your throat. My dog adores me, why is he growling at me?
I’ll be talking about these dog behaviors, looking at “why” and “what” it means and, should you be concerned

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Re House Train Your Adult Dog

We talking how to re house train your adult dog with 3 easy tips. We were live 9-23-16 7:00 pm CST as we go over why your adult dog might have started house soiling. Thought your dog was house trained? Everything was great and then it happened. You come home and discover pee or poop accidents in your home? You feel stuck between  frustration/anger and concern about what has changed in your dog? You now have a dog behavior problem you don’t quite know how to handle. What do you do?

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Dog Behavior Questions Answered

LIVE 9-9-16 7:00pm CST.  Dog Behavior Questions are answered.  Join us, ask your questions on your dog’s behavior.  What drives you nuts, what can’t you figure out how to change.  WHY does your dog do that?  This and more as we explore and share all the things we don’t understand about our dogs.  Get answers to help you help your dog be the best ever.

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Positive Dog Training 2 Mistakes

 It’s about  positive dog training.  Live 8-19-16. 7:00pm CST  and understanding why your simple dog training commands — and your dog’s training seem to break down right in front of your eyes?  Hint:  dog training doesn’t ONLY take place during planned training sessions!  AND:  if your dog only listens to your with a treat – he has you well trained.  This is the show for correcting mistakes, answering questions and providing you with tips on training and behavior. Grab your free ticket above.

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My Dog Pulls on Leash – FIX IT

If your dog pulls on leash and you can’t fix it, we can show you how!  Join us LIVE 8-5-16 at 7:00 PM CST as we show you simple, easy, non-harsh methods. Most dog owner will either pull back really hard, use some harsh collar, or even quit walking their dog.  We’ll teach you and show you using video just how to fix this so you can enjoy a great walk with your dog.

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Dog Won’t Come When Called – Easy Tips

Live show 7-22-16 7:00pm CST.  Get your dog to come when called.  We’ll give you some drop dead simple ways to get your dog to come when called.  Teach your dog an instantaneous, joyous, fast recall, without a second thought. We’ll also go over the biggest ways you areactually teaching your dog NOT to come when called.  The come command is one of the most critical things you must teach your dog for his safety.  When your dog knows how to come when called and does it consistently you both enjoy the training so much more.  It’s also an easy comman to teach your kids to master.

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