Dog Training Fixes Dog Behavior - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Dog Training, Leash Walking Fix Dog Behavior Problems


Brian owns two large pitt bull dogs who had not had any dog training.

He was having problems with having them in the house and walking them on leash.

The two dogs were very high energy and destructive.

This came about because no dog training structure was given to the dog.

This meant the dogs were being sent to another part of the house and little to no interaction.

That in itself helped create the problems of the dogs chewing up everything, the dogs jumping all over them and generally acting wild
in the home

Because Brian was unable to walk the two of them together without them going nuts, jumping on him and reacting to other
dogs, he finally quit walking them at all.

Again, the dogs were left to their own means to get rid of their pent up energy.

So you can see that the dogs not being walked created excess energy and with the dog’s behavior problems in the house
from no walking and no dog training, Brian had one big mess on his hands with his dogs.

We first started with the walking and I introduced him to the Gentle Leader which is a great non-aversive tool
to help walk his dogs and work on dog training.

We then began to put rules and boundaries into the dogs lives with making the dogs do obedience commands like sit, down,
go to place to earn the things they wanted.

The dogs are now able to live in the home with Brian, they get walked every day and the dogs and Brian are happy with each other.