Puppy Training Using Live Video Coaching with Google Hangouts

Wes is a former NBC, Channel 2 weatherman.  I did puppy training with him and his wife when they lived here before moving to North Carolina

West and his family got a new puppy and again wanted my to help them with training their puppy.

It was an easy request to fill.  We simply schedule 3 live interactive video calls with them and did all the same puppy training exercises and training that we did when they lived here before.

Puppy Training Using Live Video Coaching

And here we are with Wes and Finley. Tonight we going to be teaching puppy training and how important that training is to do, sooner than later.  How are you doing, Wes?

Hey Jim, good to see you again. I’m doing good. I’m awake but Finley is down here taking a nap.

As you know for the last eight years we’ve lived in North Carolina and when it was time to get a new puppy there was no one else we wanted to do business with, so thankfully for webcams and Live Video coaching we were able to do training just like we did face to face when we were in Houston.

Excellent Wes .  Yes, technology has opened an entirely new venue for doing dog and puppy training.  I can now easily reach out to  dog or puppy owners online and we can work through all their dog training issues.

The ability to simply turn the camera around on your Mobile device so I can see in real time what your issues are.  It’s the same as being in the home – no matter where your home is.

Wes, what kind of issues were you having with your puppy initially that we were able to work through online with you?

Puppy Training  We Worked On

  • potty training,
  • we wanted to work on our sit/stays,
  • we wanted to work on good positive reinforcement. We had to go back and dig out our clickers again so kind of the same thing everyone has, we wanted Finley … You know, our first dog that we trained with you, Zoe, she was the most obedient loving dog that we could ever ask for. She was a yellow lab.

When we got our black lab, Finley,  we wanted her to be just as obedient and loving. We’re about 75-80% there.

Finley’s now six months old and she’s taking a nap here. Let’s see if I can get her up. Come here, girl. Let’s say hi to everybody. There we go. Oh my goodness, she is not a puppy anymore. She is getting big. She’s 30 pounds. We were at the vet so we definitely feel like we are on our way to having an equally obedient and loving puppy.

How Video Training  For A Puppy Works

That’s good. So everything worked out for you now. You might want to just kind of demonstrate where you were during parts of the training.

We just turned our camera. We had the whole family along with Finley right here in our family room and as you can see she’s making herself at home.

She’s got a little corner on the couch that she goes to, but yeah we did our training right here and you kind of walked us through everything just like you did when we were face to face the first time.

We were able to work on our sit/stays and ask questions, whether it was food or whether it was walking or whether it was schedules during the day or during the night, and you were able to see what we were doing wrong because as I remember the first time we did training with you, it’s not always about training the dog it’s also about training us on how to train Finley.

That was important too because if we’re doing it wrong, she’s not going to learn it the correct way. Just like you were there, as long as we had a good internet connection, which we did, the video call was great.

For the most part, she’s a smart dog and the training has gone really well. Like I said, we’re about 80% there as far as where we would love her to be and she’s still only six months old so it’s been great.

Geography is no longer an issue when you need puppy training for your new family puppy.