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Confidence Building Tips for Your Fearful Dog

Fearful Dog – 3 Confidence-Building Tips   Worried Dogs Learn Best in a Safe Environment There are many things out there that frighten a fearful or scared dog, because usually, these timid or frightened dogs just haven’t had the opportunity, at a safe distance first, to get used to these scary things. Knowing that you […]

Train Your Dog to Leave It

The Leave It Command   Today, I’m going to teach you how to teach the Leave It Commmand and why It’s important Hey folks, I’m Jim Burwell. As you saw in this video, little Annie is walking through a virtual landmine field of acorns.  She’s like a kid in a candy store thinking, “Where do […]

The Fix for a Dog That Plays Keep Away

The Fix for a Dog That Plays Keep Away     Does Your Dog Play Keep Away? This video is all about how to fix your dog who plays keep away and how I solved this problem when Keeper plays keep away with us. Leila and I love to play fetch or kickball with Keeper. […]

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Nobody Likes A Jumpy Dog

Let’s Give Your Jumpy Dog Something Else To Do You Do Know Nobody Likes a Jumpy Dog Maybe, if it’s your dog, you do like your dog to jump on you after work and you’ve had a rough day. You may like it but other people do not like a jumpy dog. In this video, […]

Dog Will Not Come When Called

My Dog Will Not Come When Called – Even With Practice   ;  That’s exactly what the email said: Even with practice, their dog won’t come when called. In this video I’m going to tell you why their dog won’t come when called and what the simple fix was. It might help you out with […]

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Fun Games for GREAT Dog Training

USE FUN GAMES FOR GREAT DOG TRAINING   When you’re training your dog, do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut and think, “Training sits and downs using food treats is really boring?” You can bet there’s a high likelihood that your dog is thinking the exact same thing. And he’s probably also […]

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Your Dog’s Impulse Behavior Control

Teach Your Dog Impulse Control to Get Better Behavior In this video, I’m going to connect the dots between your dog’s impulse control and achieving good dog manners. Define Impulse Control Impulse control is something that many, many puppies and dogs do not have. They can’t control the urge to do what they feel they […]

SIT – The Magical Dog Training Command

The SIT  – It’s Magical In today’s video, I’m going to talk about how you can get the sit command to help you fix dog behavior problems much, much easier, get a well -mannered dog, and change your life with your dog forever, with just a little practice. Now, first let me explain the Magic […]

Dog Behavior improves inside with a leash

  Dog Behavior Inside Will Improve with a Leash       It never fails. Whenever I go into client’s home to work on their dog behavior, starting with lesson one, owners are surprised to hear me say, “Put a leash on your dog in the house.” Now, on lesson two, they are even more […]

Better Dog Manners Outside – Start Inside

  Get Better Dog Manners Outside by Doing This First Inside   I’m a firm believer that  better dog manners are achieved, if you set boundaries for your dog in your home. You can call them boundaries, or rules, or whatever you want to call them, and you reinforce them daily, you’ll get much better […]