Kids and Dogs

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Kids and Dogs – What’s OK Behavior

</centerSo many opinions on Kids and Dogs.  Do you trust the kids? Do you trust the dog? What’s the answer? Well, the answer is, you don’t trust the kid or trust the dog. So trust neither one of them. Kids and Dogs: they both have to be trained and supervised.  And just like dogs, even when […]

Kids and Dogs – How to Make it Work

I was asked to evaluate a dog last nigh,t because this 6 yr. old shepherd mix had bitten their 2 year old girl.  It was a graze on the hand, but nonetheless, it brought serious consideration to the husband and wife about re-homing the dog. The dog is really afraid of the child because, as […]

Do You Know Why Your Dog May Growl at Your Child?

Think before you leap.  Many times if a dog growls at a child or shows “aggression” the dog immediately gets either sent to a shelter or worse, the dog gets put down.  While it is certainly not acceptable for a dog to growl or endanger a child, we sometimes forget the child needs to be […]

When Dogs Growl at Children

One of the most common reasons dogs get sent to shelters, or worse, put down, is for their behavior with children.  Dogs and children – it is a 2 way street.  Yes, dogs need to understand how to behave with children, yet many parents neglect teaching their children how to behave with the dog—and the dog […]