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Multiple Dog Crazies

Multiple Dog Crazies - 3 Tips Dealing with multiple dogs can be a daunting task.  When Leila and I got married we combined 7 dogs and 1 cat!  It could have been a disaster but we immediately set about putting rules and boundaries into place so my 4 dogs and her 3 dogs...

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Good Dog Doorbell Manners

Good Dog Doorbell Manners The fix for good dog doorbell manners Have one good alternative behavior for good dog doorbell manners  instead of running to the door and barking and scratching on it.You get to pick that behavior. Now, whether it's go to your bed, a good...

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How to Teach A Great Stay

  How to Teach a Great Stay with Your Dog   Teaching A Great Stay - It's  an important command You know, once your dog knows how to sit, there are three steps to teach your dog to stay in a sit. So, Keeper and I are going to show you those three steps. We're...

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My Dog Jumps on Houseguests

Dog Jumps On House Guests   Your 4 Step Plan for a Dog That Jumps Here's how to work on a dog that  jumps on house guests. Step 1 It all starts when the doorbell rings and your dog is on leash. When you go to the door, have your jumping  dog on a leash and just...

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Dog Pulling on Leash 3 Tips

  3 Tips to Stop Your Dog Pulling On Leash   Is your dog pulling on a leash? Well, here's three tips that'll help you solve that problem. Stop Your Dog Pulling on leash Rule Number One:   Have the right equipment. Use a six foot leash, standard leash, no...

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Dog Guards You

Does Your  Dog  Guard You? Here's how you can create a dog that guards you. You just got a brand new rescue dog . Lucky dog, since you're home all day he'll get lots of attention and love and you two can become great friends. A week or so goes by and you start to...

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