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SIT – The Magical Dog Training Command

The SIT  – It’s Magical In today’s video, I’m going to talk about how you can get the sit command to help you fix dog behavior problems much, much easier, get a well -mannered dog, and change your life with your dog forever, with just a little practice. Now, first let me explain the Magic […]

Multiple Dog Crazies

Multiple Dog Crazies – 3 Tips Dealing with multiple dogs can be a daunting task.  When Leila and I got married we combined 7 dogs and 1 cat!  It could have been a disaster but we immediately set about putting rules and boundaries into place so my 4 dogs and her 3 dogs would do […]

Stop Puppy Biting 1 Easy Tip

Stop Puppy Biting with One Easy Tip   There are a lot of reasons for puppy biting. They’re teething, they play with you like they would play with their litter mates, and that includes that biting.  Oh yeah, they use their mouth because they don’t have an opposing thumb to grab your arm and say, “Let’s […]

Easily Get a Well Trained Dog

EASILY GET A WELL TRAINED DOG – DO THIS ONE THING CONSISTENTLY Now, eventually, you can get a well-trained dog meaning you have a well-mannered dog!  You keep his stress and yours to an absolute minimum if you can only remember to do one single thing. That is to require your dog to sit for […]

I’ve got a jumpy dog – Easy Fix

 Nobody Likes a Jumpy Dog If you’ve got a jumpy dog then you want to know what’s the solution? Well, teach your dogs to do something else. What is that something else? An easy solution might be to teach your dog to sniff something else other than try to jump up and sniff your face, […]

Backyard Barking Solutions

BACKYARD BARKING SOLUTIONS   Why Is My Dog  Barking in the Backyard? If your dog’s backyard barking has got you concerned, and your neighbors are complaining, it’s always best to figure out first why he’s barking. He could be fence-barking at the dog next door, like Keeper does sometimes, or he could be just plain […]

Questions on Your Dog’s Behavior

LIVE  11-4-16 7:00pm Central Time FINAL SEASON 3 SHOW.  Everyone’s got questions about their dog’s behavior! Is your dog barking too much, soiling in the house or maybe you have concerns about your dog’s jumping on house guests or his aggression towards other dogs.

If you have a question, I’ll have an answer or at least one good take-away for you to get you back on track to a well-mannered dog.  If you change your focus from reacting to your dog’s bad behavior to focusing on praising what you want from him instead,  you’ll see a huge change with your dog.  You just have to understand how to teach what your want your dog’s behavior to be.

My Dog Bit Me – What Do I Do

My Dog Bit Me!  Now what do I do?   On 10-21-16 7:00pm CT Join us live

Nobody wants to say My Dog Bit Me.  You feel betrayed.  

A dog bite can be dangerous, scary and very devastating. Probably the only thing that tops that is if you’re bitten by your own dog. 

That, my friends, can rip your emotions wide open and leave you feeling very betrayed by your beloved companion.

It can also present serious questions like, “Why did he bite me? “ or “Can he be fixed?” and of course, “What do I do to fix it?”

I want you to know — You’re not in the boat alone.