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3 Critical Things in Puppy Training

3 Critical Things in Puppy Training   Getting a new puppy can be wonderful and exciting.  All that puppy breath and warm kisses are fun and exciting. Enjoy the cuteness but don’t set yourself up for failure if you’re not prepared and well organized  to begin puppy training. It can be overwhelming if you don’t […]

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Safe Puppy Socialization: 3 Tips

Who Knows Best About Safely Socializing Your Puppy?   Every “dog professional”, whether a trainer, veterinarian, animal behaviorist, agree that puppy socialization is critical. Let’s face it,  no one wants an aggressive puppy or dog no matter what the cause. Early puppy socialization is the key in avoiding fearfulness and fear aggression towards people and other […]

Puppy Biting Tip You May Not Know

Here’s a puppy biting tip you may not have heard. If you are a new puppy owner dealing with puppy biting, you’ve got to be wondering: “What’s a puppy biting tip that actually works?” How many frantic searches on Google have you done on ways to stop puppy biting? Only to find so many, you […]

How To Leash Train Your Puppy

It can be very frustrating trying to leash train your puppy. Especially when your new puppy absolutely refuses to walk on a leash with you. That puppy butt hits the ground, front legs go out in front like brakes. As far as he’s concerned there will not be any leash training for him! If you think […]

Fix 2 Mistakes and Easily Potty Train Your Puppy

I get it. Learning how to potty train your puppy can be a frustrating process. If for no other reason – it takes a lot of your patience and a lot of your time. In fact one of the reasons puppies end up in shelters is because the owner “thought” their puppy was difficult to […]

Puppy Potty Training Mistakes

Please Don’t Make These Mistakes Potty Training Your Puppy!

  It is entirely possible to not have a single accident when potty training your puppy. When we found Sammy 9 years ago at 8 weeks of age neither Leila or I personally had had a puppy in a long long time. So it was an adjustment to our lifestyle. So, of course, I took what […]

Before Getting Your New Puppy Answer 5 Critical Questions

Before Getting Your New Puppy Answer 5 Critical Questions

If you’re like most folks, pretty much all common sense flies out the window when thinking about getting your new puppy. Practicality is replaced with excitement thinking about that cute little furry puppy and that sweet puppy breath. Emotions definitely have the greatest impact on you and your plans to get a new puppy. You […]

Great Puppy Training Tip

One Great Puppy Training Tip

A quick puppy training tip is simply this: start puppy training from the very first day you get a new puppy.  It is one of the most important things to do with your brand new puppy.   I really wanted to emphasize that to those of you thinking about getting a puppy. Why? Because your new […]

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New Puppy: 3 Assumptions New Puppy Owners Make Which Create Unwanted Puppy Behavior

Did you get a new puppy this past Christmas? Now is right about the time when all those Christmas puppies that were brought into homes at 8 weeks of age are beginning to behave in ways that are not so cute. At 16 weeks of age, the honeymoon is over! I consistently see three “not […]

Puppy Training: 5 Critical Tips for Training Your New Puppy

Christmas is a big time for people to get puppies. I want to emphasize to those of you thinking about getting a puppy that the most important thing to do is to start puppy training from day one. This is truly critical to your new puppy and his life with you.  I have a complete […]