Before Getting Your New Puppy Answer 5 Critical Questions

If you’re like most folks, pretty much all common sense flies out the window when thinking about getting your new puppy.

Before Getting Your New Puppy Answer 5 Critical Questions

Practicality is replaced with excitement thinking about that cute little furry puppy and that sweet puppy breath.

Emotions definitely have the greatest impact on you and your plans to get a new puppy.

You can be so swayed by your emotions about this decision to get a new puppy; you fail to think about the practical, common sense aspects of this important life changing decision.

And believe me it can be very life changing!

Here are a couple of examples of exactly what I mean when I say, “Your emotions can have a powerful impact on your decision making process.”

  1. It’s Christmas time and what could be cuter than a brand new puppy under the tree.
  2. The kids have been constantly bugging you that they want a puppy.
  3. A rescue puppy at a shelter or rescue event grabs your heart and the guilt gets the better of you.

These are just three examples on how emotions can quickly sway your decision making process.

The problem is, once the emotional high of getting that new puppy settles down, you NOW have a living, breathing, biting, jumping, peeing, pooping and sometimes barking puppy on your hands! Now you might be thinking:   “Oh my gosh! What have I done?”

Let’s Go Through a Good Exercise on Reality vs. Emotions

Let reality take a front seat as I ask you 5 critical questions you should be asking yourself BEFORE getting your new puppy.

We will simplify things first by just focusing on two things.  Time and Money

Simply put, if you have the time and the money, getting your new puppy shouldn’t be a problem. However, it’s a little more complicated than that.

So listen up as I give you the bottom line with these 5 critical questions.

Question #1

You may think you have the time and money to get your new puppy but is it the right time in your life for a new puppy?

Do you have vacation scheduled, overtime commitments or out of town work schedules that will be taking critical time away from your new puppy’s need of a consistent daily schedule?

A new puppy needs to know you’ll be there every day to teach him what to do as well as when, where and how to do it.

Question #2

Will your budget accommodate the added expense of food, vet bills and grooming costs?

Question #3

If you work all day and the kids are in school, who will take your new puppy out to potty frequently enough to set him up to succeed in house training? Who will you trust with this responsibility?

Question #4

Do you have the time to commit to a good obedience training program?  This is critical to begin teaching the manners you expect of your puppy soon to be future adult dog.

Manners like “Sit, don’t jump or bite” and “don’t chew my stuff” are critical.

It will also take time for you to understand and implement a good house training program to get your new puppy house trained now.

Question #5

If you have kids, it will be important to take the time to get them involved in your new puppy’s training.  This is especially true if the kids created the emotional pressure in the first place.

Kids can quickly lose interest as the newness wears off. You better understand that the responsibility for the puppy could be right back in your lap.

Even if you have the money, think about the impact the constant needs of a new puppy will have on your schedule. It’s like having a new baby. You just can’t leave it alone for long.

 If You’re Still Determined

 If you’ve answered these 5 critical questions then you need to get ready for that sweet puppy breath and those warm kisses.