Puppy Potty Training Mistakes

Please Don’t Make These Mistakes Potty Training Your Puppy!

Puppy Potty Training Mistakes


It is entirely possible to not have a single accident when potty training your puppy.

When we found Sammy 9 years ago at 8 weeks of age neither Leila or I personally had had a puppy in a long long time. So it was an adjustment to our lifestyle.

So, of course, I took what I teach my clients and we followed the pattern. Sammy never had an accident in the house as a puppy and to this day at 9 years of age, he’s never soiled in the house.

Now most of you won’t believe me when I say that and here’s why.
You don’t understand how to set your puppy up to succeed. Instead you make numerous mistakes and actually are inadvertently teaching your puppy to potty in the house.

In this video I’m going to explain two mistakes you’re making, and how to easily fix those 2 mistakes so you can set your puppy up to succeed at being potty trained.

Now there is a lot more you can learn about successfully potty training your puppy.

I want you to go read this article for lots more help.

If you have more questions, just put them in the comments and be as specific as you can so it not only helps me answer you better, but helps other with the same issues.  See you there!

Thanks for letting me share my puppy training knowledge with you.  Don’t be a stranger. 

Together We Can Raise A Happy and Obedient Dog



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  1. Jim Burwell
    Jim Burwell says:

    I would move the crate into your bedroom. She’s used to being with her littermates. In your room she can smell you and hear you.

    At 8 weeks of age I doubt she can hold it all night long. If you go to bed @10:00pm taken her out right before you go to
    bed. Make SURE she has peed and pooped outside. Then about 4 hours later you’ll hear her start moving around and whining, simply go over, pick her up out of the crate,
    do not make a big deal out of it, CARRY her outside, when she’s done pick her up no big deal place him back in the crate. Puppies have to learn along time. Have you
    checked out my Nose to Tail Puppy Training DVD? http://www.petiquettedog.com/products/nose-tail-puppy-training/ This will help you easily train your puppy using positive

    Puppy have to learn alone time.

  2. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    We just picked up our puppy who is 8 weeks yesterday and we had a rough night in the crate. She has never been in a crate before but did not seem to mind it until we closed the door for bed then all the howling began. She kept that up for 20 minutes then went to sleep, she repeated it at midnight and again at 4 when she woke up to go outside to potty. Anytime she goes in the crate she howls if we leave the room. I assume this is normal but is there anything that I can do to help her adjust? thanks.

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