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The Best Live Dog Behavior Training for Your Dog No Longer Depends on Geography

It’s Easy with Live Dog Training Video Coaching!


If you a looking for a customer first dog training Jim is that person. Part of his soul is dedicated to these wonderful members of our family. The other part is to train the Owner so we can live with a social dog, who is really just a member of our family. I respected very much that he was on time ever week, service providers don’t do that anymore, so that my day was not altered. That kind of service is rare in today’s world. Not to forgot that he CAN really train the dog and the owner!!!!!

~ Glynda Kittrell

Here’s What It Looks Like!
It is PRIVATE, Live, On-Line Dog Behavior Training

You may need dog training help here in Houston, TX, OR you may need dog training help in New York City or even the UK!

No matter where you live, I can help with your dog training needs and it’s LIVE AND INTERACTIVE!!!

It’s the next best thing to having Jim work with you and your dog in your home.

The Secret Keys to Fixing Dog Behavior

Behavior issues in dogs always involve their environment and the relationship with their owners.

No matter if I come to your home, or we do a hangout – we always work on how YOU, the owner relates to your dog and how do you put structure into your dog’s life.

How We Do Our Live Dog Behavior Video Training

Just some of the behaviors we can cover are: separation anxiety, dogs fighting, house soiling, barking and more.


We connect online for private, live, dog training coaching to help you get the dog training you need and want.


You receive an assessment questionnaire prior to the coaching. Then when our coaching begins, we already have all your information and concerns and we get right into working through your dog behavior issues.


There are exercises/homework assigned at the end of each hangout, and on-going email support during the entire time.


Huge Bonus: you get the private MP4 recording of your coaching for you to replay as many times as you like for as long as you like.


All you need is a computer with a webcam, or your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) and high speed internet access.

Live, Private Video Coaching Is Now Part of Our Dog Training Toolbox

These live videos are a great way for you and I to work together on your dog’s behavior and training in a fast, economical, efficient way.

We address your dog behavior issues, providing you with a solid foundation of knowledge and “how to” for living happily with your dog.

Sounds exciting and easy right?

 Check out the puppy training we did with Wes from North Carolina!

Listen to what Simone has to say about the video coaching and her family dogs that were fighting

What You Need for Private Dog Training Video Coaching?


All you need is a computer with a webcam, or your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) and high speed internet access.


Each of your sessions is privately recorded and after, you receive your private link to your videos to save or download.


You can re-watch these whenever, where ever and as many times as you like. These are YOUR videos.


Cost Effective

Together We Can Raise a Happy and Obedient Dog!

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