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Abused rescued dogs need special traiing

Abused Rescue Dog Needs Special Care

A dog (Sandra Bullock) who had been tied to a tree and left to die. If you saw the news, she had a rope embedded in her neck which had to be surgically removed.

What Once Was Lost, Is Now Found

Our love of our dogs, is only matched by the love they have for us.

The Love of a Dog

Take the time to play with your dog, take the time to walk your dog. All of these things which seem so inconvenient to us, are the simplest of things your dog requires.

Abused rescued dog training videos 1 and 2

        We have now added video # 2.  In this video I am teaching Sandy how to do the obedience command “go to place”  It’s a great command to use to give your dog an alternative behavior to do instead of begging at the table and other nuisance behaviors. Enjoy Here’s Sandy’s […]

Presidents Day Trivia For Dog Lovers

Happy Presidents Day! Dog lovers have something extra to commemorate today because U.S. Presidents dating back to George Washington have been dog lovers themselves. The current canine living in the White House is Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog. He is popularly known as the “First Dog” of the United States. Many presidents’ dogs have achieved […]

House Breaking Older Dog Teaches Young Couple Valuable Canine Life Lessons

I’ve been working on housebreaking issues with a couple who own a 5 year old female English Bull Dog. After evaluating their dog and their relationship with their dog on the first lesson, I found very little structure or walks with their dog. With no structure, it is not uncommon for dogs that are insecure […]

Man’s Best Friend Speech – National Dog Week

The phrase “man’s best friend” is a well worn but accurate description of the depth of our relationship with dogs. It is that relationship which is celebrated during National Dog Week. This year, the 74th National Dog Week runs Sept. 22 through Sept. 28. “Man’s Best Friend” is this year’s theme. The idea that the […]

Michael Vick dogs teach dog owners a lesson

For anyone needing a glimmer of hope or words of inspiration that would give some kind of sign that says, “Yes, you can fix your dog problem!”  look no further than the Parade Magazine in Sunday’s Houston Chronicle. I’m talking about the story of the Rescue and Redemption of Michael Vick’s dogs, written by Jim […]

Choosing Your Family Dog

Thinking about getting a new dog or puppy? Generally it’s better to plan an adoption from a shelter or the purchase of a pure bred dog. But, you never know when you will happen upon a stray that tugs on your heart strings. I was surprised once. I said I would never have a new […]

Journey To A House Trained Dog (Part 2)

By: Michelle Mantor May 2007 In the April issue, I bared my shame to the world that Sake, my 3 lb. Yorkie mix, is not completely house trained by the age of two (a lot of readers admit they share the same fate). If you happened to miss the first article in this series, you […]