The Love of a Dog - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

I know all of you have heard of and read about the funeral of the Navy Seal who was killed in that huge helicopter crash in Afghanistan

He was a young man who showed immense bravery in the face of much danger.  He was loved my many.

Especially his dog Hawkeye

This one picture of this young man’s funeral which has been shared around the world is the picture of his dog lying on the floor in front of the casket, unwilling to leave his master.

The Love of A Dog

After tearing up, wiping my eyes and putting the paper down, I looked across the room at our dogs.  All were asleep on their respective dog beds except our Sammy who was stretched out on the couch softly snoring.

I t made me think of the unwavering love and loyalty our dogs give to us daily as I’m sure your dogs do also

To be the recipient of such a profound gift of this unbounded love places a great responsibility on us, their owners.

Yet, they ask so little from us in return.  It is our job, our responsibility to give them guidance and instruction on how to be great members of our family.

It is our responsibility to never forget that their actions are a mirror of their relationship they have with us.

As you come home from work, tired, fed-up, worried your dog has been patiently waiting for you all day. Anxious and eager for your return.  All he wants to show you is how much you have been missed.

Take the time to play with your dog, take the time to walk your dog.  All of these things which seem so inconvenient to us, are the simplest of things your dog requires.

A wonderful quote by Samuel Butler describes this:  “The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.”

Give your dog a big hug as you come home because as Roger Caras said “for me a house or an apartment becomes a home when you add one set of four legs, a happy tail and that indescribable measure of love that we call a dog.

How do you give your dog what he truly needs?  Tell me below in comments.  Pls. share and tweet if you like this article.  Let’s help more people be responsible with their dogs.

Have a blessed day with your dog.  Take care