Barkley the Rowdy, Bossy Dog was the Love of Megan’s Life


Megan knew she had to get better control of Barkley.

He was such a rowdy and bossy dog, that the only way she could ever stop him from constantly jumping was to always

stand on his leash.

He behaved very badly and refused to listen to her when they were outside. This was especially true if other dogs were around

Barkley is a very nice and friendly dog. Megan, however had not been consistent with rules so Barkley took advantage of that.

Barkley became the boss and a rowdy boss at that.

Megan had interviewed several dog trainers, including a e-collar trainer. She chose to use positive reinforcement training

that was about structure and consistency, not just click to treat.

Megan and Barkely are a great team now.  He’s no longer a rowdy, bossy dog.  See the video below.