Dominique of Channel 2 called me for help with her  puppy training for her dog Oscar.

Not only is Oscar a great family member for Dominique but he is also a show dog which requires certain important behaviors when he’s in the ring.

These are the two important areas we worked on in our training sessions.  I use positive reinforcement training which works well.   Both the dogs and the owners enjoy the dog training, learn a lot and everyone Is much happier with the structure and the routine obedience training gives to both the owners and their dog.

Here’s what Dominique has to say about the puppy training we did.

Hi, I’m Dominique and this is Oscar, and we contacted Jim Burwell with Petiquette for some basic  dog training. We wanted an obedient dog in the house, a dog that would listen and obey, and would understand how to work for treats.

Oscar obeys and does things like lay down.   He listens  and not he does not jump on people. Wen now use  these basic tools to make him a well-behaved dog.  He gets rewarded for being a good boy just like he is right now.  The training is  very helpful.

We use certain words that we know how to use, and he is just  a happier dog, which  makes  a happier household,  He  is  simply a very good dog now.

I’m really appreciative of  everything  we learned, and we continue to practice and do our homework.

And this guy is also a show dog, so we’ve got a different set of rules that we use as well, to make him perform in the ring.  That’s  something else that Jim  helped us with, and he’s just a great guy. We’re real appreciative of it.