Our Dog Training Services for Dog Training Houston


Jim and Marianne in home training


Better Dog Behavior :    house soiling, dog aggression, separation anxiety, family dogs fighting, barking, biting, and so much more.  Call us today for a free phone evaluation  713-728-0610

Solid Obedience Training    Basic obedience training is a must have for your dog.  Call us now  713-728-0610

 New Puppy Training    Puppy potty training,  biting and chewing, crate training , whining, your kids and the puppy, literally everything.  Start now 713-728-0610

Nose to Tail,” Puppy Program  Product

Private Video Coaching:  Geography is no longer an issue to solve dog behavior problems!  Work with us now  713-728-0610


Dog training is the difference between having a well-behaved dog or a dog that is out of control.

It’s the easiest way for you to learn and fix your dog behavior problems occur.

I was voted the best dog trainer in Houston.  I have been dog training in Houston for 35 years so you and I together can solve your dog training problems using positive reinforcement training.

By involving the entire family in the training, the relationship with your dog changes for the better and works in your home and with your life.

Together we can raise a happy and obedient dog. Contact us today at 713-728-0610. We’re ready to help with your dog training with in home or live video private coaching!