Fun Dog Training Videos to Watch With Your Dog


Here are some Videos to watch with your dog and your family.  Some are cute and funny, some are heartwarming. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.


The first video is of a little dog named CeCe.  Her mom owns a boutique dress shop and CeCe goes to work with her everyday.  Her mom, Lisa, wanted to give CeCe something to do at the shop besides runs around the store.

Plus all her customers loved the little dog and Lisa thought it would cute and fun to let CeCe entertain them.  So enjoy

Next we have a video that my client gave me permission to use so you can see how dog training can actually help save a life.  This is part of a training exercise, with the dog Daisy, so you will hear the sounds of the “training clicker” and direction from the mom to encourage the dog.  To date, the dog has alerted emergency services at least 3 times when his mistress was in trouble with a seizure.