Petiquette Philosophy

Our dog training in Houston TX. is all positive reinforcement. Our philosophy is leadership based not dominance based.

Most all of our relationship with our puppy or dog is emotional. We are drawn to our new canine companion whether puppy or dog with a special connection that causes us to say, “I’ll take that one.”

We feel like our new canine companions are very sensitive to our feelings. We can pick up on this almost immediately. Come to think of it, if this sensitivity were not there, we probably wouldn’t have them as pets.

The emotional connection you create with your new dog in the very beginning weeks and months of your relationship will form how he relates to and interacts with you, other family members, friends and strangers in the years to come.

Will you create a confident and well-balanced puppy or dog? Or, Will your dog develop insecurities laden with anxiety and tension?

It’s our human nature to put emotion into our relationship with our dog. Emotions like love, affection or the opposite – impatience and anger. The wrong kind of emotional relationship can create an unstable environment for your dog – one filled with anxiety and stress. Our puppy or dog then becomes frustrated as they try to relieve the tension and that’s when, behavior problems occur.

How you define your relationship is critical to a problem-free life with your puppy or dog. Creating a great partnership means providing the right kind of structure that allows your dog to develop a strong sense of place in his relationship with you as leader, him as a follower – free of emotional stress and therefore greatly diminishing any or all behavioral problems.

Dogs are pretty selfish critters and always want to know, “what’s in it for me?” They are constantly thinking, “If I do this, what will I get?” Work this to your advantage by creating daily working opportunities for your dog to “earn all the things he gets from you.” Obedience commands like sit, down and come is a great way to teach him how to get all the things he wants: food, toys, walks with you, games with you and affection from you. He’ll love you even more.

Outside, your dog will enjoy earned walks and other outside activities giving him a constructive as opposed to destructive outlet for his energy. If walks are structured properly, with you in control, they too, can provide your dog with a much better understanding of where he fits in with you, strengthening your relationship even more.

Obedience training teaches your dog to listen and gives him commands to perform for you such as sit and down. Rewarding him for these good behaviors and not rewarding for inappropriate behaviors will help him learn what you expect from him. Daily work on simple sits and downs will give your dog a sense of working for leadership rather than feeling responsible for it himself.