Getting a New Dog: Challenges to Consider with Your Home Dogs

Getting Another Dog

Getting a new dog can present some challenges to you and to the existing home dog(s). I received a Tweet from a gentleman in New York who has 2 existing dogs and is ready to adopt a third dog into the family.  His main question to me was: “How do we make sure we do […]

Dog Walking – Leash Pulling

Dog Walking Leah Pulling

Dog walking can be fun – and without leash pulling. Yes, both you and your dog can enjoy a fun and relaxing walk without all the hassles of pulling. Someone had asked – actually chatted with me on FaceBook, complaining about their dog pulling on leash. So, I thought I’d expand a little more about […]

Thinking About Getting a New Puppy?

Raising a puppy is like raising a child. The difference is that kids grow up and eventually leave the nest. Puppies on the other hand, stay with you forever. So it is important to plan your lifetime with your new puppy.