Your dog's not stupid - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

The other day I had a training session with a client and her Beagle.  He is a highly distracted dog with his nose always to the ground and she was having difficulty getting a reliable recall or “come” command.

I remember someone asking me one time, “Why do some dogs do better in obedience than others?”  Here is something to think about.  Some breeds are just easier to train.  The traits for which dogs were originally bred influence the ease or difficulty of training, how readily the training will generalize and how often a command has to be reinforced.

For example, it may be easier to teach a retriever to come when called in comparison to a scent hound whose natural trait is to keep their nose to the ground.  Just because a dog has a difficult time learning an exercise, does not mean he is stupid.  The ease or difficulty of training your dog on some commands is determind by the extent to which the task is in harmony or disharmony with his natural born instincts.