teach dog impulse control

Your Dog’s Impulse Behavior Control

Teach Your Dog Impulse Control to Get Better Behavior

In this video, I’m going to connect the dots between your dog’s impulse control and achieving good dog manners.

Define Impulse Control

Impulse control is something that many, many puppies and dogs do not have. They can’t control the urge to do what they feel they want to do in any given moment.

You know, jumping on people, taking your stuff.

Mainly, it’s because You, the dog owner, up to this point, have not had a PLAN.

A PLAN on how to begin working and teaching your dog to control his or her impulse when he wants to do things you don’t like — but he thinks are fun! Keep reading.

Impulse Control Is As Easy As: One, Two, Three

If I gave you a plan today, like in this video and you spent 10 to 14 days with your puppy or dog, you would be absolutely amazed at the results!

You take a handful of food treats like this (see video). You can sit on the floor in front of your puppy or dog Or you can sit in a chair and lean forwards a little bit.

The MAIN thing is that you offer your puppy food treats like this.

  • Take a handful of food treats like this (see video).
  • Sit on the floor in front of your puppy or dog Or
  • Be  in a chair and lean forwards a little bit.

Now, he’s going to grab at your hand to get the treat. This is his impulse to grab, kicking in.

You simply close your hand up like that. You controlled the treat

Open it again, close it, open. Open, close, like that.

What begins to happen is your puppy begins to just stand there and wait, or he may sit, or he may lie down.

Impulse Control Begins to Kick In

He stops trying to grab because right now, he’s using his instincts.

He’s learning how to get the treats out of your hand!

Because, when you just keep doing this, shutting your hand when he tries to grab the treat,  eventually he will give you a much better behavior because guess what?

He’s controlling his impulses.

He may give you a sit, and then you say yes and give him a food treat out of your open hand.

He has just learned that  if he controls his impulses, food comes.

Get Impulse Control Over Other Dog Behaviors

Now, here’s where I’m going with this, and this is the important part.

He learns this foundation: It’s very simple to not do what his impulses say to go ahead and do which is grab the treats. Instead he gives you a sit to get what he wants.

Next You Can Apply the Impulse Control to Jumping Up

If he controls his impulse and sits, then he gets his attention from you.

That’s a good example of how you can take a simple exercise like this and apply it to other simple problems that you have with your dog in your home, like jumping up. You teach your dog a foundation of don’t grab at the treats, you simply wait.

The Beauty of Teaching Impulse Control Like This

You’re not saying anything.

That’s the beauty about it.

You just open up your hand, he goes to grab the treats, you shut your hand. You open it up, shut it. Like that. And eventually, he’s going to sit or lay down.

When he gives you a very good impulse control behavior, you just mark it and treat it.

Say yes and give him a cookie.

Do that repeatedly. What you are beginning to teach your puppy or your dog is — if he waits politely and controls his impulses, good things come to him.

Use Impulse Control To Work On These Things

Jumping up

Counter surfing and more–go through the list of stuff that you want to work on with your dog in your home.

Do this for the next 10 to 14 days in your home with your dog, and let me know.

If you found this video and blog helpful—Be Sure To: like it, comment, and share it. I would really appreciate that.

Here’s an easy PLACE  to begin teaching your dog impulse control.  This is my tried an true method to begin teaching dogs manners and good behavior

4 replies
  1. Jim Burwel
    Jim Burwel says:

    No, I’ve not done fence fighting videos, but I advise you to have more control of your dogs to interrupt the behavior and redirect to something that is ok for them to do and praise hightly. RINSE AND REPEAT AS MANY TIMES AS NEEDED

  2. Gregory Sebastian
    Gregory Sebastian says:

    Thanks Jim for the great advise. Have you done any videos to fix fence fighting ? At least 2 of my backyard neighbours have dogs. My dog goes out to relieve himself in the backyard. The moment he senses the other dogs there, he goes berserk running up and down the fence line barking his head off. Even if the neighbours dog is not there, my dog stands tall at the fence, ears erect just waiting for the neighbours dog to come. Its like he can’t help himself but this behaviour just drives me nuts .

  3. Jim Burwell
    Jim Burwell says:

    It’s about teaching the dog to make a different choice. Dog training is a not about ONE thing or ONE technique. It’s about teaching your dog to control impulses, give you the behavior you want and he knows that behavior because you have taught him the behavior. It’s about teaching your dog how to live with you.In this video is was about teaching an alternative behavior to the dogs IMPULSE to jump up.

  4. Karen Rawson
    Karen Rawson says:

    Hi Jim, this is great! It works with the patio door – the dogs now just SIT because they know. But the method with food in the hand seems like teasing a dog, and I’m afraid our very assertive dog Duke (about 6 years old) would take off my fingers! Really, are there situations (or specific dog types) that you’d want to avoid this one with?

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