Who's the Culprit in Housesoiling With More Than One Dog? - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

I was called out to a client’s home to resolve a house soiling problem. He has 4 dogs; two males and two females. He is quite certain that the issue is between the two males as the “evidence” on the furniture has all the markings of “hike and pee”. His acquisition of all 4 dogs was all at once and while he does have a generous heart, it may be a disservice to the dogs if they are returned out of frustration.

I suggested that, due to the number of dogs, while inside the house with him, he should crate one male and keep the other male out with the females, but that male is to be on a leash or line while he is out. Being on a leash or line will help the owner circumvent any accidents. He is to then switch out the males dogs giving equal time to each during inside time. Since he does have secure (fenced in acreage), they can all run the property together and get plenty of exercise with games of fetch etc. and of course their structured walks – a must!

Maybe the better option would have been to adopt two dogs and get them situated first, and then 6 months later get the next two dogs if that was the plan. But, who knows how anything happens. If you take your big heart to the shelter anything is likely. But, you should be prepared to be highly organized and pack plenty of patience.

Be as comfortable with the trainer of your dog as you are the teacher of your children, and remember “Opportunity Barks!”.

Jim Burwell
Jim Burwell’s Petiquette