Which Breed of Dog is Best ?

Which breed of dog is best? This question always amazes me.  For some reason most folks think that within a specific breed all dogs born of that breed will have the same characteristics.  Everyone thinks that goldens are perfect and couldn’t possibly have any behaviorial issues.  Along those same lines, most everyone thinks that Rottweilers and Dobermans are mean and prone to aggression.


Dogs within a breed are all different.  There are some common traits carried on within breeds, such as Border Collies have very strong herding instincts,  Beagles have a strong scent drive.  What you have to realize is that even within a single litter, each puppy has its own personality and its own genetic makeup.  And as importantly, how they act within their litter is not always how they will act when you get them home.  When you get a new puppy home, that’s his new pack and he will very quickly determine, based on the level of your leadership, where he fits in the pecking order and he/she will act accordingly.

If you choose to get a rescue dog then you probably won’t know exactly what breed(s) the dog is.  But the same principle applies, good leadership, obedience training are sure fire ways to have a peaceful, rewarding relationship with your dog.

I’ve included a link to an Animal Plant site that has some really good questions you need to ask yourself before you go looking for a dog.  http://animal.discovery.com/breedselector/dogselectorindex.do   Remember – train now, avoid problems later.  OPPORTUNITY BARKS!