Video Review: my puppy jumps on people

puppy jumping

See our video below!  

Hi my name is Khoa and I’m Jasmine.  We have a 3 month old Husky named Sophie  and the reason why we called  Jim is :

we were having a hard time having a 3 month old puppy in the house here.

We were actually having some problems with her nibbling on people,

potty training issues, peeing and pooping in the house, whatever she wanted to do,

jumping on the house guests whenever they rang the door bell, she’d run up to the front door jumping on them and nipping them at the same time.

At the same time we tried to set up a temporary gate, and she still jumped over the gate, a 6 foot table but that didn’t really work but we wanted to restrict where she went in the house

We don’t want her in the bedroom but nonetheless if we’re not watching her she gets on the bed and into the laundry and we didn’t like that either

We called Jim to help us solve some of these issues but ever since then over the last 3 weeks she’s:

  • laying down,
  • she listens to our commands,
  • we’re still working on recall
  • we’ve learned to set temporary and permanent boundaries so she doesn’t go jump on guests and we set up a temporary boundary at the bedroom and she doesn’t cross it.It’s a lot of work but she is way more better behaved than when we got her.  Jasmine can stand her more now 🙂  She’s learning.  We definitely have the tools now to work with our pup.


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