Bossy Dog No Longer Runs the House - Jim Burwell's Petiquette


Ted was a pretty bossy dog with absolutely no manners

He really had his owner at his beck and call. With structure and routine Ted has become a very well mannered dog.



Ted was a pretty bossy dog.  He decided it was his job to run the house and have his owners do whatever Ted wanted.  Ted just needed some structure and to understand that he needed to ask for what he wanted, not demand it.  The family is much happier and found it to be easy, stress free, not harsh at all to help Ted learn some doggie manners. It really got down to teach Ted manners. This is not much different than teaching your child how to behave. It’s actually easier because in dog training your dog only has about 6 things that he truly values. When you use those 6 things and have you dog basically say “may I please” then your dog becomes well mannered. Dog training is simply understanding how to take what comes naturally to your dog and use that to teach him how to live in a human world. Hope you enjoy the video.