Video Request on Puppy Biting/Nipping Exercise

Puppies are biting and nipping little machines.  It’s how they played with their litter mates and your job is to teach them how to play differently with you.

The biggest request I get from my new puppy clients is to teach the puppy to quit jumping up on their kids and nipping them.

Sometimes it gets so bad the kids don’t want to play with the puppy at all.   This exercise is what I teach each and every puppy client- without fail!



Puppy Play Should be Playful not Painful

Training a puppy, just like teaching kids is a process.  

Here is a simple, effective way to begin to teach your puppy that when he bites,nips and jumps, what he wants goes away. 

Remain calm during this exercise and simply do it over and over again.

Age appropriate children can also participate in this exercise if supervised by you.  This is a great way to teach the puppy not to jump up and nip them!

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