The Shopping Cart Dog - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

December 2006 a wonderful little homeless dog named Cooper came into our lives.  Here’s a link to his story and a video(actually 2 videos on site) hosted by the Houston Chronicle, but that’s just to give you some background. Cooper’s video

Cooper has been a member of our family since January 2007 and he has blossomed and flourished with good food – the typical 2 squares a day, the everyday company of the love of his life, our black lab Sammy and of course he knows he’s safe.  No more living on the streets, under abandoned houses,  getting out of the way of cars.  Cooper 2006

Now I know that usually my post are always about dog behavior, dog training and all that other good stuff, but, it’s always at this time of year when we look at Cooper, it always warms our hearts and literally makes my wife get teary eyed.  So please put up with our sentimentality this once.

We were laughing at Cooper the other day because he still has one character trait from living on the streets that he can’t see to overcome – hoarding!

Throughout the day Cooper will walk around the house or the yard and pick up what he perceives as “treasures”, anything from a stick, a piece of tissue dropped on the floor, a piece of fluff from a much played with toy, a ball, a sock.  You name it.  All of this is done very quietly and discreetly.  The funniest is when he will wait at the den door while the other dogs are playing with some partially mauled stuffed toy and when the dogs are done playing and they’re looking elsewhere,  Cooper will hop over quietly, pick the treasure up in his mouth and run back to his bed in our bedroom and make the deposit.

By the end of the day, there will be a mound of treasures in Cooper’s bed, so many that there’s no room for Cooper.  So, my wife will clear them away, put them in the den, knowing full well that the next day the ritual begins again.  Guess what Cooper’s getting for Christmas—–a shopping cart to help with his daily job!    Happy Holidays everyone.
Jim Burwell’s Petiquette