The Scoop on Coop - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Coop, formerly known as Three Legs, was an abandoned dog with medical problems, trust issues and an uncertain future…until Jim Burwell came along. With the help of BARC and Dr. Cooper at the Westbury Animal Hospital, Jim rescued Coop and is now working to train him and find him a home.

To learn more about Coop’s journey, you can read the article featured in The Houston Chronicle.

Updates on Coop

May, 2007:

Cooper is a true member of the family. He knows when the leashes come out in the morning and the evening that he’s going to go “walkies” with his best bud Sammy. He also knows the program at chow time. He politely sits on the side, waiting for his bowl to get filled. Then he does his little circle dance before he chows down. He finally sleeps with his eyes completely shut, since he knows he has nothing to fear. Love cured Cooper.

March 1, 2007:

It’s official! Cooper is a Burwell and all is right at the Burwell house. He and Sammy, the black lab Cooper adores can sleep like spoons tonight, knowing Cooper is home to stay.

February 20, 2007:

Elizabeth Sledge called and said Cooper needs to stay with Jim and Leila Burwell. It was apparent to them that Cooper loved the Burwells and especially Sammy Burwell, their black lab and they sure loved him.

February 18, 2007:

Elizabeth Sledge, teacher at Horne Elementary, her family and their dogs came to meet Cooper to see if he would fit in with their family as they wanted to adopt him.  Cooper was cool; he just sat there and looked bored.

February 14, 2007:

Cooper and Jim Burwell went to visit Horne Elementary school students for Valentine’s Day. He received bags and bags of valentine cards, with poems saying how much he means to the kids. As usual, Cooper was obliging and let everyone love and pet on him.

February 10, 2007:

250+ people came to visit Cooper at his community party. The vets from Westbury Animal Hospital, including Dr. Cooper, who Cooper was named after, were there along with Cooper’s chiropractor, Dr. Jackie Doval, his acupuncturist, Dr. Patricia Baley and all his adoring fans. Cooper had a blast but fell asleep in the car on the way home.  An adoring public can be so exhausting.

January 10th, 2007:

Coop spent part of today training and socializing around the office at Rover Oaks. The highlight of his day was when his new friend, Jessica Kourkounis (Chronicle photographer), came by Rover Oaks to make a video of him. Coop was pooped. He ate his supper and promptly joined his teddy bear (“Rocky”) for a long night’s sleep. Wow! Look for this cute video here on Coop’s page and on the Chronicle’s website as early as this Friday or first part of next week.

Coop is resting up to build his strength. He has one more hurdle, and that’s his heartworm treatment. He’ll revisit Dr. Cooper (who’s promised to make sure it won’t hurt) sometime between now and January 15th for his first treatment. Then he’s “taking it easy for a while.” Stay tuned for more Scoop on Coop.

January 3rd, 2007:

Coop, or Three Legs, is doing very well, although he is still adjusting from all of the transitions lately. In just a matter of weeks, he has gone from living outside, with no barriers at all, to spending two weeks in a post surgical crate, with just enough room to turn around. And now he is staying at Rover Oaks Pet Resort, a warm, safe place for him, where he sleeps every night in his own orthopedic bed and with a teddy bear that softly sings “Rock-A-Bye-Baby.”

With all of the change going on in his life, Coop is off to a slow start with his training. There is simply just too much to check out in his new environment! But he is making progress. Because of his amputation, sitting is difficult, but “down” and “place” should work well as substitutes.

When he’s not busy training, Coop can usually be found spending time in the office, especially around the girls at the front desk. He is a little, fuzzy sponge who soaks up attention and affection from everyone, and he seems to be especially drawn to women. He also enjoys eating – every time his food bowl is placed in front of him, the food is gone in a flash!

To learn more about Coop’s updates, you can read the article featured in The Houston Chronicle.

Shake the Paw of a Houston Hero

We continue to appreciate the interest, concern and generosity shown to Coop. To show our gratitude, and to give Coop’s friends, neighbors, potential adopters and well-wishers the opportunity to meet this warm, affectionate pup, we are hosting a party on Saturday, February 10 at 2:30 p.m. We would also like to thank everyone who has generously donated food and drinks for this event.

If you are interested in attending, please send an email to [email protected] so that we can include you when we email the invitations. And while everyone is welcome, we do ask that you leave your dear pups at home this time, in order to reduce stress for Coop.

Keep checking in with us to get updates on Coop’s progress!

December 28th, 2006:

Coop’s surgery to remove his broken back leg went very well. His stitches have already been removed, and the incision has healed. He is now happily resting and recovering.

Coop has also been busy with other medical procedures. He was neutered and had his teeth cleaned, with one extraction. And he will have his first heartworm treatment on January 15, with the second one scheduled for a month later.

Once our furry patient is rested and rehabilitated, he’ll get a clean bill of health.

We have also been working on training Coop. We have been socializing him by letting him interact with everyone at Rover Oaks, and we all agree that he has one of the biggest and best personalities we’ve ever come across!

We would like send our deepest thanks to everyone who has sent well wishes for Coop or been involved in his recovery. As a thank you, we are planning to host a meet and greet soon to give everyone a chance to come and meet him in person.

Stay tuned to find out when it will take place!